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The Best of the Best List


Needless to say, I love lists (who doesn’t? It’s like someone not liking ice-cream. Madness!) So I’m very excited to share this list by a reader who combined 11 different lists to see “what books are most recommended.”

I never agree with everything on these lists, but I still take great pleasure in combing through them (not to mention the countless of sleepless nights I spend fuming about the addition of some books. Ayn Rand? Really!).

So what do I think of this new list?

I hate it (Rand? Again? Really!!!), and love it.

I think the lists chosen here suffer because they are mostly of modern literature, and they are usually English (if not American) centric. And, some of the lists are based on users/consumers rather than critics.

So I would be very interested to see the same process done but only using critical lists of all-time world literature (as opposed to the last century or any specific era).


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