1. Desert Rhapsody (released date: July 18, 2013)

Desert Rhapsody_NewV3

“[The Arabs] lived in tents and were barbarians and warlike; numerous were superstitious and they were the most ignorant of all the peoples of the earth.”
— a late sixth century resident of Mesopotamia

During the 6th century in the Arabian Peninsula, Harb, like the other warriors of that time, scrapes a living by raiding other tribes of equal stature—until the day he convinces his allies to raid the great tribe of Aghlib. On the day of the battle, he holds his blade in his hand. It shines brilliantly under the bright desert sky and he smiles back at it. He leads the charge against the men of Aghlib, not knowing or caring that his selfish acts will have dire consequences.

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2. DIDEP (coming soon)

A literary novel set in modern day Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It mainly explores the the relationship between logic and emotions.


09/07/2013: I have finished the first draft 😀

I am currently exploring whether I need to revise some of the big picture questions (plot, characterization, themes…), and I’m looking for more beta-readers. If you are interested, let me know.

3. W

A science fiction novella (I know. Very original).


25/07/2013: I have finished the first draft of the outline.

28/07/2013: Started writing the novella.


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